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PV Der Präsident.

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Donald Tusk, President of the European Council. If it did not we would face grave consequences, such as the collapse of Schengen.

21 Nerdy Tweets You Should Feel Really Smart For Laughing At

We have used these two months as best we could. In this time I called two summits, dedicated almost exclusively to this issue. This decision was based on the assumption that a European solution without respect for European law and, above all, without respect single taken laughing at memes the Schengen borders code is not possible.

The second decision was on a massive increase of humanitarian aid to Greece. We also offered further assistance in order to manage the external single taken laughing at memes in Greece, including the borders with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania, not to mention other forms of support from Member States.

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The third decision concerned sending back migrants from Greece to Turkey — those migrants who are not in need of international protection. Leaders also welcomed the presence of NATO in the Aegean to enhance intelligence and surveillance activities, while Turkey agreed to take back all irregular migrants apprehended in Turkish waters.

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At our first Council in March, I was also asked by leaders to take forward new proposals made by Turkey and work out a common European position, with a view to reaching an agreement later that month. Implementation would be phased in gradually and based on the so-called one-for-one principle.

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This is what has begun to happen. For me, the two key elements of the agreement were first, to guarantee compliance with all EU and single taken laughing at memes laws by ensuring that each and every migrant arriving in Europe would be treated individually.

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This included the respect for the principle of non-refoulement and excluded any kind of collective expulsions. The Commission gave a positive assessment of the legality of the agreement, and I want to express my thanks to Jean-Claude and his team for their work and contribution.

Second, as regards accession talks, we took on board Cypriot concerns. On the one hand, some were tempted to force Cyprus to make huge concessions.

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It is quite understandable. But I maintained from the start that we could not sacrifice the most fundamental interests of a Member State, in this case Cyprus, on the altar of a migration deal single taken laughing at memes Turkey.

We are aware of all the tasks and difficulties in resolving this crisis. I want to say to all the seekers of the political Holy Grail: you will never find it. Convenient and easy solutions are hard to find in politics, and in this case they are virtually impossible.

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What we are faced with is a perpetual, tenuous and multi-dimensional effort. In singlebörse linz kostenlos, something like a never-ending story.

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The solutions we are putting into practice are not ideal and will not end our work. Also, the deal with Turkey is not perfect and we are fully aware of its risks and weaknesses.

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We did everything we could to ensure that the agreement respects human dignity, but I am conscious of the fact single taken laughing at memes everything depends dating app tinder kosten how it will be implemented.

The deal with Turkey and closing the Western Balkans route raised doubts of an ethical and also a legal — as in the case of Turkey — nature. I share some of these doubts too.

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They can only be dispelled by putting the solutions as they were agreed into practice in every detail. While taking into single taken laughing at memes all the above-mentioned doubts and even sharing some of them, I would like to recall that the main goal we decided on was to single taken laughing at memes irregular migration to Europe. As I have frequently said, without this, single taken laughing at memes without restoring control over European migration policy, we would be unable to prevent political catastrophes.

Here I mean the collapse of Schengen; the loss of control over our external borders, with all its implications for our security; political chaos in the EU; a widespread feeling of insecurity and, ultimately, the triumph of populism and extremism.