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Nowadays, the voting age is 16 years.

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Voters in Schleswig-Holstein were able to cast two votes — which are called first and second vote — for the first time in the election to the state parliament. In principle, there are supposed to be 69 Members of Parliament, but there may be more because of excess and balance seats. Excess seats, also called overhang seats, are allocated if a party has won more mandates directly by first vote than the number of second votes would normally permit.

Nebraska's Unicameral: A One of a Kind Legislature

He was voted into office on the first ballot. The other Members of the Cabinet were then appointed by the Minister President and sworn in by the President of the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament on the very same day.

History of Parliament

The CDU has taken on three ministries, while the other partners are in charge of two ministries each. In principle, it is possible that the Minister President and the State Ministers are partnervermittlung warschau elected Members of Parliament, meaning that they may occupy two seats in the plenary chamber — one on the government bench and one among the legislators of their respective parliamentary group.

a single chamber legislature is called

The State Parliament and its committees are entitled to demand the attendance of members of the Government of Schleswig-Holstein. By the same token, members of the government or their representatives are authorized to attend plenary sessions and parliamentary committee meetings.

House of Representatives

The State Government is obliged to brief the State Parliament fully and at an early stage about draft bills as well as about key questions of land use planning, location planning and the realization of large-scale projects. Moreover, it must keep Parliament informed a single chamber legislature is called the preparation of ordinances and administrative regulations, its participation in the Upper House of the German Parliament, the Bundesrat, and its cooperation with the other federal states, the Federation as such, the European Union and other countries.

a single chamber legislature is called

An entire parliamentary group or at least 18 MPs must support the request for a major interpellation, whereas an individual MP can submit questions in writing or ask questions during question time. It was originally built to house the Imperial Naval Academy.

The German legislature is thus clearly bicameral - moreso than the British. That is enough for me to reject referring to the Bundestag as "parliament" in every case, though of course parliament will often suffice informally, the House of Commons is also referred to as parliament, and the US House as Congress, I believe. Certainly a perfect dictionary would reflect this usage, but it would also have to take into account the need on many occassions to make clear that the Bundestag is only one of the legislative chambers.

After a construction period of five years, the Naval Academy was formally inaugurated on October 6, Measuring meters in length, 50 meters in width ist fun flirt kostenlos 24 meters in height, the Naval Academy was one of the biggest and a single chamber legislature is called magnificent buildings in town.

The air raids in World War II caused such substantial damage to the building that reconstruction after the war took several years.

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The legislators and the administration of the State Parliament finally had more space available when the Ministry of the Interior moved out in The first stage of a thorough rehabilitation and modernization project was carried out from to Since then, it has been possible to follow the plenary debates in the State Parliament via loudspeaker in the offices as well as in the conference and meeting rooms.

The second construction phase began in The main project was to build a new plenary chamber facing the waterfront on the site of the former terraces of the State House.

a single chamber legislature is called

The design of the annex made of glass symbolizes democracy and transparency. The first sitting in the new Plenary Chamber was held in April There are more than 70 seats available to visitors on the gallery.

In addition to the plenary sessions, many public events are also organized here, for example readings, exhibition openings and public discussions. Since the end ofthe State House has been used exclusively by Parliament because the State Chancellery and the Minister President have moved to another building on Düsternbrooker Weg.

Medallion shield of members,

Foto: Landtag, Holger Stöhrmann Legislation In principle, the Plenary will consider draft bills and budgetary proposals, but also agreements going beyond the competence of Schleswig-Holstein e. The purpose of the first reading is to discuss the general principles of a piece of legislation, whereas the second reading is primarily devoted to the consideration of specific details.


In between the two readings, there is the deliberative process in the committees. Draft bills can be introduced by individual Members of Parliament, a group of legislators, the A single chamber legislature is called of Schleswig-Holstein or by public initiative. A final decision will then be taken either by the Plenary or in a referendum.

The individual federal states a single chamber legislature is called the right to enact legislation in all cases in which the Basic Law of the Federal Republic a single chamber legislature is called Germany does not vest legislative power in the federal level.